💌 What's in Splatter's Valentine's Day Gift?

If you got to this page, chances are you just scanned the QR code on the message tag of our limited edition 💌 Valentine's Day Cheese Platter. We hope it brought you joy to receive this petite platter this special weekend ❤️ 

Let's dive into its delectable contents!
Now, what exactly's in the platter?

  • Either one of these soft cheeses:

    🧀 Opal (Whole round wheel)
    This soft cow's milk cheese originates from Chaource, France. It has a soft velvety rind with a toothsome gooey texture and slightly crumbly center. Its earthy aroma leads to a smooth, creamy flavour. Our bestseller that runs out almost as soon as it's restocked! If you enjoy camembert with a tad stronger kick, you'd love this!

    🧀 Chèvre (Soft, round block)
    This soft goat’s milk cheese is freshly made in its traditional French style. It has an almost crumbly texture with irresistibly earthy and lemony tart flavours. It's mild, tangy taste makes it a versatile pairing for both sweet and savoury accompaniments. 

    🧀 Alba (Triangular wedge)
    Arguably the most popular French-style cheese, this soft, bloomy rind triple-cream brie is an absolute indulgence. It has a rich, creamy, buttery flavour with earthy mushroom notes. As it's handmade with fresh jersey cow milk, note that it will taste different from commercial mass-produced versions found in supermarkets. 

  • Artisanal Gouda cheese in cubes 🧀
  • Turkey roll "roses" (certified halal)
  • Pimento-stuffed green olives
  • Seedless grapes 🍇
  • Premium Japanese strawberries 🍓
  • Fresh raspberries
  • Dark red cherries 🍒
  • Swiss sea salt dark chocolate 🍫
  • Roasted almonds & walnuts
  • Water crackers
  • Hand-drawn designer cookie
    with a special surprise inside ❤️ 

Consume immediately upon collection or store in refrigerator for up to 2 hours.

As with all Splatter's platters, this menu is pork-free · lard-free · alcohol-free.

We sincerely hope you enjoy grazing on this delightful platter that we have curated with you in mind. May you be celebrated every single day of the year for the amazing soul that you are ❤️ Stay happy, stay safe and stay home!