What is Splatter?

Splatter is an online-based party platter and grazing table team based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. It is founded by two kindred spirits who just can't get enough of good food – us, and we love sharing them with our favourite people!

The idea of introducing this grazing platter concept here in Malaysia stems from our constant indecisiveness over what to order in eateries. Truth be told, we'd love to have a bite of every single dish on the menu and we wondered if others ever felt the same. 

The variety offered in a grazing platter works wonders for us fickle-minded souls who don't want to commit to just one food dish in its entirety. Call us greedy, call us commitment-phobic, call us extra - but don't say you've never thought of it! 
We soon found ourselves bursting with ideas on the many platters we'd curate to enjoy on our own and now, we're ready to share them all with you. The best part? They will all be conveniently delivered to your doorstep to complete any party. 

With our carefully and lovingly-arranged gourmet platters, we hope for you to rediscover the simple joy of sharing good food with great company – without the fuss and hassle. Just leave it to us and enjoy your party, we've got you covered!         
An extension of the party platters, grazing tables are sure to make a splash at any occasion! These sensational spreads of artisan cheeses, premium fruits, charcuterie, and plenty more are beautifully styled on a table to allow guests to easily feast on the variety of savouries and sweets as they mingle around.
Splatter Gourmet Grazing Table Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
For details on menu and prices, hop on to here for all things grazing table!

It's not all food here at Splatter. Need gorgeous gift boxes or door gifts for your guests? Hit us up for customisable gifts curated to any theme to complete your event! For more details on bulk gifting and corporate orders, head over here.