🍵 7 Tips For Making The Best Teh Tarik

Can't seem to achieve that perfectly aromatic cup of teh tarik at home?

Want to know our industry secrets for making the best teh tarik? Splatter's got the answers to your cravings. 

Teh tarik is an iconic Malaysian drink that is enjoyed any time of the day - from early morning breakfasts to midnight mamak suppers. While this beverage of legendary status may just be black tea with condensed milk in theory, getting the right balance and technique makes a world of difference. 

Here are some tips to make the best teh tarik at home:

  1. Use good quality tea
    The quality of tea used will directly impact the flavor of your teh tarik. Choose a high-quality black tea, such as Ceylon tea, Assam tea, or Darjeeling tea. Black tea dust is also an affordable option that is deliciously potent if you're looking for a budget-friendly teh tarik. 

  2. Brew tea properly
    Brew the tea leaves in hot water for 3-5 minutes and let it steep. The longer the tea steeps, the stronger the flavor will be. Make sure the water is not boiling, as this can make the tea bitter. 

  3. Add condensed milk
    A generous amount of condensed milk is a must-have in teh tarik to give it its distinctively sweet, creamy taste and texture. Select a good condensed milk for the best flavour. Condensed creamers are often used as an alternative, but it doesn't give out that rich creaminess that condensed milk does. Many add a dash of evaporated milk too for that extra depth of flavour.

  4. Pour and pull
    To make a frothy and creamy teh tarik, pour the tea back and forth between two pitchers or jugs several times as high as you can. This process is known as "pulling" and it helps to perfectly mix the tea and milk together while also creating a frothy layer on top.

  5. Serve hot
    Teh tarik is best served hot, so make sure to serve it immediately after making it. We know some of you can't wait and go for it anyway while it's still burning hot! Please be careful 🥺

  6. Practice makes perfect
    Making teh tarik the traditional way requires some skill, so don't be discouraged if your first few attempts don't turn out perfectly. With practice, you'll soon be able to make a delicious and frothy teh tarik. Here's a hack if you don't want to make a mess, an electric milk frother works almost just as well!

  7. Add a dash of salt
    Now here's a tip nobody talks about. Industry professionals know that a tiny pinch of salt can really elevate the deep flavours and creaminess of teh tarik to a whole new level. This is a must-try tip!

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