[Alternative Cakes] Cheese Wheel Cake

Splatter Mini Cheese Wheel Cake Kuala Lumpur

Now that's an unconventional "cheese cake" that you know cheese-addicts will be OBSESSED with! 🧀🤤

Sometimes, we hear our clients yearn for fuss-free cheese indulgences without the entire charcuterie platter, be it for themselves or as a gift for someone special. This is how Splatter's mini cheese wheel cake fits the occasion perfectly! 

Promising hours of toothsome grazing, this customised wheel cake is stacked with artisanal cheeses, lovingly handcrafted in small batches with halal-certified ingredients.

We always start with a hard cheese at the base like the Spanish manchego, followed by semi-hard and/or soft cheeses as the cherry on top! Cheeses of different intensity, made with either goat's or cow's milk, are recommended depending on your personal preferences. Some like it mild, some like it pleasantly pungent. We like both!

This beautiful cheese tower is further adorned with a sprig of fresh herb, juicy berries, pretzel crackers, and decorative edible flowers - again, depending on the request as every one of these cheese wheel cakes are customised.

It's delivered straight to your doorstep in a clear cake box; together with candles if it's for a birthday celebration. 

Not only do these cheese wheel cakes make a thoughtful gift for any cheese-lover or stand tall as a conversation piece in a party spread, the leftovers - if any 😉  - can later be wonderfully used in cooking. Pizza, pasta, pies, casseroles, get creative!

Contact us here if you'd like to order a customised cheese wheel cake!