🧈 Bordier Butter Board - First In Malaysia!

The butter board trend has hit Kuala Lumpur.

This season's food trend - the butter board - is the craze on TikTok with its hashtag #butterboard hitting 238 million views across the world. Every foodie is talking about it.

It sounds like a great idea, doesn't it? Butter is often a staple at parties and gatherings, so why not elevate it as the highlight of your dining experience?

For the uninitiated, the butter board is simple.

Spread your favourite butter on a serving board, then enjoy it with good bread or other pairings you like. Many accentuate the butter with toppings like sea salt, lemon zest, honey, herbs or fruit slices to experience flavours on a different level.

This is certainly not a new concept - flavoured butter is essentially compound butter, often used by professional chefs and home cooks in meals or just with plain bread.

Meanwhile, pairing salted butter with radishes has been a French norm since forever. As common as dunking Hup Seng in Milo panas or having kaya with butter here in Malaysia😉

Just keep it simple and it's totally doable at home. 

But if you want it conveniently done and delivered to you with gourmet pairings, Splatter's got you with our new Bordier Butter Board! 

Bordier Butter Board

Now delivering daily throughout Kuala Lumpur & Selangor (Klang Valley).

Splatter takes it up a notch with the legendary French Bordier butter - named the Rolls Royce of butter and used in Michelin-starred eateries around the world. It's rich, creamy with an aroma and flavor complexity that is far superior to regular butter. You may have seen it being made in this viral video:

Now dive into this luxurious butter for a grazing experience unlike any other!

What's in the Bordier Butter Board? 

    • French Bordier Butter
      An entire block of Border butter accentuated with gourmet flaky sea salt, fresh lemon zest, crisp sliced red onions & fresh thyme

    • Freshly-baked Sourdough Slices
      Three types of sourdough loaf slices neatly arranged in a box: Rustic sourdough, black olive sourdough and fig, cranberry & walnut sourdough

    • Butter Board Pairings
      Red radishes, black olives, pimento-stuffed green olives & lemon slices

    • Solid Wooden Board
      You get to keep this brand-new grazing board! Measuring at 36cm x 19cm, it's made from solid tropical wood with a natural food-grade beeswax finish.

This Bordier Butter Board set best serves approximately 8 to 10 pax. 

Complete your party with this luxurious grazing platter, butter-lovers!