[Cheese Platter] Four Cheeses You'll Love 🧀

Delivering throughout KL & Selangor (Klang Valley), our signature cheese platter has been a crowd favourite since Splatter first started in 2019. It is specially curated with imported cheeses straight from its country of origins! We identified artisan dairies that produces authentic, award-winning cheeses for generations and select the tastiest cheeses for your enjoyment.

Splatter's signature cheese platter offers four types of artisanal cheeses with distinctively different flavour profiles, making this grazing platter perfect for any individual preferences. Now let's dive deep into the types of cheeses we've handpicked for this delicious platter! 💖

Splatter Kuala Lumpur Cheese Platter

First up is the classic crowd-favourite, a thick wedge of creamy French Brie produced right in its hometown of France! So good on its own or when paired with any accompanying sides. 

Prefer a slightly more robust cheese? The Dutch Aged Gouda's deep, buttery, almost caramel-like flavour will impress! This cow's milk cheese is studded with crunchy crystals cheese lovers will absolutely enjoy.

Feeling blue? You'll like this luscious Stilton Blue, an award-winning cow's milk blue cheese made in Leicestershire, England by one of only 6 dairies in the world permitted to due to its PDO status. It's rich, creamy and deliciously salty without being overly pungent. Considerably mild within the blue cheese family, it's a great starter to get into the world of blues.

Pair it with sweets like honey and dried apricots or savoury with bread, meats, and olives. Lastly, take a gourmet journey to Italy and pop a few bites of soft herb-marinated bite-sized mozzarella balls, also familiarly known as bocconcini. It's divine paired with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil on caprese-inspired skewers! 

All cheeses served are made with cow's milk while fresh produce as triple-washed for safe consumption. Splatter's signature cheese platter serves approximately 6-8 pax. Do consume immediately upon collection in Petaling Jaya or store in refrigerator for up to 2 hours upon delivery. Order online here at least two days in advance for a cheese-grazing gathering with friends or family! It'll be a gourmet experience to remember, you better brie-lieve it 😉