[Cheese Platter] Four Cheeses You'll Love 🧀

Ready for delivery to most areas within Klang Valley, our signature cheese platter has been a crowd favourite since Splatter first started. We get our cheeses from the most amazing cheese-maker; these are handmade in small batches with care, using the finest halal-certified ingredients without compromising on authenticity.

Splatter's signature cheese platter offers four types of cheeses with distinctively different flavour profiles that make this platter perfect for any preferences. Now let's dive deep into the types of cheeses we've handpicked for this delicious platter! 💖

Splatter Kuala Lumpur Cheese Platter First is the velvety wheel of soft, creamy goodness - the Opal, a French-style cheese originated from the the village of Chaource.

It is relatively mild in flavour yet holds the right amount of character to keep you coming back for more 😍  Its soft bloomy rind opens to a gooey, slightly chalky center. Seriously addictive; this will be particularly enjoyable for brie-lovers! 

We love it so much we want you to have an entire wheel in the cheese platter to mix and match as you please with both sweet and savoury accompaniments. It'll be a smash hit among your friends!
 Just remember to share, okay? 

Next, we take a gourmet trip to the land of pizzas & pastas with the bocconcini  - fresh little mozzarella balls originated in Naples, Italy. Its delicate form takes in flavours beautifully. We soak them in extra virgin olive oil & herbs to complement its mild creaminess then paired the marinated bocconcini with fresh basil & cherry tomatoes ala caprese salad on mini skewers. Delizioso!

The elegant blue-veined cheese follows this collection of cheeses. Nicknamed Amber Blue, this semi-soft blue cheese is made in the French Fourme d’Ambert style. It is dense yet supple in texture, smooth and tangy in flavour. Its fruity, woody aroma is intoxicating 💙 Considerably mild within the blue cheese family, it's a great starter to get into the world of blues.

Pair it with sweets like honey and dried apricots or savoury with bread, meats, and olives. 

Lastly, an original creation of this fromagerie that features a prided ingredient from the soils of Malaysia - the Sarawak. This semi-firm cheese is deliciously savoury, coated with Sarawak black peppers for a distinctive kick. If you like cheeses with a strong personality, you'd love this. We crumble it into little blocks for bite-sized convenience; ready to be nibbled on its own or perhaps with a sliver of smoked salmon? Feel free to request for the goat's milk version if you prefer it.

All cheeses served are made from fresh jersey cow's milk. Splatter's signature cheese platter serves approximately 6-8 pax. We recommend to consume immediately upon collection in Petaling Jaya or store in refrigerator for up to 2 hours upon delivery. Order online here at least two days in advance for a cheese-grazing gathering with friends or family!

It'll be a gourmet experience to remember, you better brie-lieve it 😉