Cheese & Tea: The Perfect Pairing

Looking for a non-alcoholic beverage to pair with artisanal cheeses? There are plenty of zero-alcohol drink pairing options, and tea is one of my favourites! Specifically, Chinese tea. Continue reading to find out why.

Can Cheese Be Paired With Tea?

Yes, absolutely! Cheese can be paired with tea just as well as wine, as supported by many gourmet experts. Both tea and wine share common elements like flavour profiles, tannins, astringency, and aging. Cheeses that complement wines high in tannins are also great paired with teas high in tannins. 

Chinese Tea & Cheese Pairing

Pairing Chinese tea with cheeses is unusual, but not unheard of. It's unconventional for sure, but the pairing makes sense and offers a rewarding tasting experience.

The prized Da Hong Pao "Big Red Robe" oolong tea, for example, is delicious with rich, creamy cheeses like gorgonzola blue cheese or earthy bloomy soft-ripened cheese like Camembert. 

The Chinese tea's bold flavours with subtly sweet, aromatic roasted finish cut through creamy cheeses and complement its rich earthiness. 

If you love the popular Tie Guan Yin "Iron Goddess of Mercy" oolong tea, pair it with hard cheeses like Dutch Gouda or Cheddar. Its grassy, vegetal notes also complement soft cheeses like Camembert.

What About Green Tea?

Green Tea makes a great match with cheeses too. Japanese green tea is particularly rich in tannins, which gives it a slightly bitter note. This makes it a perfect match to soft, rich cheeses like Brie and Camembert.

These cheeses mellow out the tea's bitter accents and elevate its floral notes.

On the other hand, China's favourite green tea - the pan-roasted Xihu Longjin "Dragon Well" green tea - can also be paired with cheeses. It goes especially well with the more pungent varieties like goat's cheese.

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