🧀 [Secret Menu] Cheese Wheel Cake

Splatter's two-tiered artisan cheese wheel cake topped with raw honeycomb, surrounded by fresh grapes, strawberries, and figs

That's right, Splatter's got a hidden menu that isn't listed in our catalogue for online orders 😉 Every now and then, we receive requests for tiered cheese wheel cakes and if we have the capacity to fulfill them, we most certainly will. Very happy to, in fact!

It's hard to say no to fellow fromage fiends and truth be told, we've always intended to officially launch this birthday cake alternative on our permanent menu. We're working on it, trust us! In the meantime, just reach out to us via email here or whatsapp here to order this unforgettable cheese wheel "cake" ❤️

This customised cheese wheel cake features a semi-firm tomme-style cheese made from cow's milk. It has a nutty yet fruity flavour that is delicious when nibbled on its own or cooked into dishes. On top of it rests a smaller wheel of Chaource-style Opal cheese with its soft velvety rind that opens up to a smooth, crumbly center. One of our favourites, for sure! On the sides (not pictured) lay a cascading waterfall of classic Gouda cheese cubes. We pair the artisanal cheese trio with premium fresh fruits: seedless grapes, figs, strawberries. Two blocks of imported raw honeycomb add a touch of luxe to this gorgeous cheese wheel cake that will be completing a birthday party. Simply delightful!