Chinese New Year Event: Yee Sang

Besides the blast of festive tunes and explosions of red decor in shopping malls, another telltale sign that Chinese New Year is just around the corner are the endless yee sang prosperity tosses your friends are spamming / posting all over Instagram.

Not gonna lie, we absolutely love it!

In celebration of Chinese New Year, a corporate client recently commissioned us to prepare a massive yee sang session for up to 100 staff members in their office.

Doesn't that sound like plenty of fun?

We're all for fresh ingredients here at Splatter and decided to make use of natural, unprocessed fruits and vegetables to create this healthier version of the traditional yee sang. It was such a hit among the guests!

This version includes fresh pomelo, shredded purple cabbage, carrots, japanese cucumbers, edamame beans, mini mandarin oranges, and an unexpected twist of juicy sweet pears to replace the traditional jicama.

This colourful medley is subsequently topped with crunchy crackers, pops of tobikko, and plump slices of sashimi-grade fresh salmon followed by spices, plum sauce, and a spritz of lime juice.

The balanced combination of textures and fresh flavours can be so addictive, trust us.

It was such a joy to see guests going in for a second - and even third! - helping of this homemade-style fresh yee sang. Even more delighted to hear positive feedback from those who don't usually enjoy yee sang. Try it out at home and tell us what you think!

Thank you for this opportunity to be part of your annual Chinese New Year tradition, dear client.

If you have any food and beverage needs for an upcoming event, festive or otherwise, be sure to let us know and we'll see how we can help make it a successful one.

In the meantime, the Splatter team would like to wish you a happy Chinese New Year and for those who aren't celebrating it, happy holidays!

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