CNY Must-Have: šŸ„¢Prosperity Yee Sang

Looking for a last-minute yee sang delivery for a reunion in Kuala Lumpur?

Searching for a vibrantĀ lou sang session at the office with your teammates?

Usher in theĀ Year of the Rabbit in 2023 with this must-haveĀ for your Lunar New Year reunions -


While we grew up with the prepacked, mass-produced yee sangĀ packsĀ from supermarkets, I'm sure most of us are not huge fans of the dry, artificial taste. We know yee sang can certainly be fresh, nutritionally balanced, and delicious!

šŸŠYee Sang fun fact!

Did you know that this uniquely Malaysian tradition originated from a restaurant in Seremban in the 1940s? TheĀ yee sangĀ we enjoy today wasĀ first created and servedĀ by Loke Ching Kee, the grandfather of Malaysia's Transport Minister Anthony Loke!

At Splatter, it's tradition to make yee sang from scratch with the freshest, yummiest ingredients that we personally love to enjoy at our own family reunions.

We love how the vibrantĀ all-natural ingredients like fresh cucumbers, juicy pomelos, crisp radishes, carrots, purple carrots, pomegranate seeds, mini mandarin oranges, pickled ginger, lime, and coriander toss up high in the air!šŸ„¢

Enjoy it with aĀ delicious homemade dressing of olive oil, honey, orange marmalade, lemon juice, five spice, and a dash of salt and pepper. Of course, we must include your favourite bo cui crackers, sesame seeds, and crushed peanuts for an aromatic, textural experience.

šŸ„¢Prosperity Yee Sang

You make the call on what the star toppings should be. Whether it's traditional fresh raw salmon sashimi or gourmet cured meats forĀ the modern connoisseurs, we promise it'll be so scrumptious! Choose from:Ā 

  • Original (vegetarian)
  • Duck prosciutto
  • Smoked salmon
  • Fresh salmon sashimi

Go all out and add on abalone for a truly luxurious toss of prosperity!

Instead of an overdone CNY gift hamper, why not send thisĀ Prosperity Yee Sang as a thoughtful gift or complete your own celebration with it?Ā šŸ§§

Splatter delivers all throughout Chinese New Year and by popular demand, Prosperity Yee SangĀ is available until 28 February 2023! We're happy to serve a larger crowd if you're having a huge gathering in a private or professional location.Ā Contact our friendly team hereĀ for corporate inquiries.

Happy Chinese New Year!