[Corporate Gift] ūüĆą Rainbow Snack Box

In conjunction with ASUS' launch of its new laptop series with spectacular 4K OLED display screens, Splatter's corporate gift services was engaged to curate a vibrant, colourful boxful of treats! Dozens of these boxes were sent to media partners and celebrities nationwide for this exciting release. In line with the client's vision, we explored the idea of a luxe gift box in sleek black and gold accents that opens up to a surprise of technicolour treasures.

Corporate gift of black boxes filled with colourful chocolates and snacks

These corporate gift boxes were filled with black & gold chocolate-covered mini pretzel crackers, rainbow-striped meringue kisses, premium mini chocolate bars, assorted fruit candy drops, and naturally-coloured baked cheddar crackers. Such an assortment of nibbles that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The cheddar crackers are particularly addictive!

Bet you've rarely seen Skittles in blue and pink colours. For a wider variety of colours, we hunted down limited edition packs¬†which led us to¬†these¬†tropical and wild berry flavours! We were half tempted to sneak in a few of those¬†funky¬†habanero-infused spicy editions too¬†ūüėČ Rest assured that we didn't!

Corporate gift of black boxes filled with colourful chocolates and snacks

Thank you so much for letting us be part of this super fun media virtual event! For more details on Splatter's corporate gift services that include customisable gourmet gift boxes like this, head on to this page here and get in touch.