[Corporate Gift] Cake & Kuih Dessert Platters

Recently, Splatter was tasked to curate themed dessert platters for a corporate client who was looking to send these boxes as part of a media kit. As these were scheduled to be delivered all around Klang Valley during the Raya celebrations, we proposed to incorporate festive treats in the platter boxes too. In line with the brand's corporate identity, we replaced our standard pink and orange ribbons with black and red ribbons for a custom touch.

Have you guessed the brand yet? YES, it's Netflix Malaysia

Cake & Kuih Dessert Snack Platter


  • Custom hand-drawn designer cookie
  • Moist carrot cake loaf
  • Premium seedless grapes
  • Fresh imported strawberries
  • Freshly-steamed kuih putri ayu
  • Kuih Raya: Almond chocolate chip
  • Kuih Raya: Ombak rindu

Packed to the brim with these quality ingredients, each platter box weighed more than 1 kilogram. It was a joy to bring together modern and traditional treats into one box like these. A personal favourite of ours, the pillowy soft kuih putri ayu were streamed fresh that very morning and perfumed our entire studio with its pandan aroma 💚

Made our day to hear a recipient claim they were exceptional!

We also made our way to a famous kuih-maker Kak Zu in Kajang to get hold of those crunchy kuih Raya that were just baked earlier in the day. Glad to hear from recipients that they were terrific - we love 'em too! Great food is EVERYTHING to us. 

Custom Hand-Drawn Designer Cookies Kuala Lumpur Netflix

Another star of the cake & kuih dessert platter box is these intricate, hand-drawn designer cookies made to mimic Netflix's iconic profile page. Aren't the details simply incredible? We're mind-blown with how accurately these were drawn 🤯

Thank you for the trust on this fun project ❤️️ Need a customised or themed corporate gift platter to be delivered around Kuala Lumpur? Let's talk and make it happen! Reach out via email here or whatsapp directly here.