[Corporate Gift] Happy Dose of Vitamins

As the world battles against the pandemic, we're constantly reminded to stay healthy and maintain a strong immune system. One way to achieve this naturally is by consistently consuming fresh, whole foods that provide all the essential nutrients our body needs to thrive✨ This is exactly where the inspiration came from as Splatter curates these  vibrant fruit baskets that hold all the 14 types of essential vitamins we need, in line with the announcement of Philips Future Health Index. Corporate gifting never looked this good! (might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get what we're trying to say right 😉)

Splatter Premium Fruit Basket Corporate Gift KL

Now, what’s in the gift basket?

・Premium fresh fruits 🍇🍊🥝🥭
   Seedless grapes, navel orange, golden kiwis, XXL mango
・Freshly brewed soy milk from non-GMO beans from Tono Soy Milk
・Cold-pressed orange & carrot juice from La Juiceria
・Dried apricots & roasted mixed nuts
・Organic roasted sunflower seeds
・Stalk of sunny sunflower 🌻

Specially curated for Philips Malaysia via Arcis Communications. Thank you for the trust 💙

Cheers to happy healthy days ahead! Minimum order quantity required for customised gift platters, boxes, and baskets. Let’s chat further on how we can serve you 😉 Get in touch today via Contact or whatsapp directly here!