[Corporate Gift] Teatime Snack Platters

Splatter Corporate Gift Snack Platter Muffins Shortbread Cookies ChocolateCustomising delectable little platters for corporate gifting brings us plenty of excitement! For this particular corporate request, the client was looking for baked treats that can be individually enjoyed in the office. The fun part?

It was an order for almost 300 employees - definitely one of our biggest fulfillment yet. Super exciting! 


・Home-baked orange poppyseed muffin 🍊

・Brown butter madeleine cookie sandwich
    bites with dark chocolate cream
・Chewy sea salt dark chocolate cookies
・ Pure butter shortbread fingers
・ Assorted Whittaker’s mini chocolates bars
    (Almond Gold, Peppermint, Creamy Milk)

Would you graze on this platter with coffee or tea, or both? Because why not? *wink

The star of the show was definitely the orange poppyseed muffins. Those moist muffins arrived our studio that morning - still warm from the oven - and kick-started our day with its invigorating burst of citrus scent. Chunks of fresh orange peel on top added to the delightful experience. Don't you love an all-natural flavour that tastes of actual fruit?

Sure glad we ordered a few extras for our...uhh quality control testing 😋 Please be informed that these photos were taken as a sample for illustration purposes only. Actual platter boxes were delivered with certain menu items individually-wrapped to prolong freshness and each box were cling-wrapped for added protection. Thank you for the trust on this, dear client (who requested to remain anonymous) ❤️️ Need a customised or themed corporate gift platter to be delivered around Kuala Lumpur? Let's talk and make it happen! Reach out via email here or whatsapp directly here.