Dr Jason Leong's Premiere Party of #Blessed on Netflix

Splatter was recently #blessed to to be part of Dr Jason Leong's premiere party of his new stand-up comedy special on Netflix, Hashtag Blessed! We were put in charge of a scrumptious spread to feed the appetites of more than a hundred invited guests that exciting night. Time to reinvent grazing tables for a safer grazing and dining experience during this pandemic!

Grazing table spread with a poster of Dr Jason Leong's Netflix comedy special show, Hashtag Blessed, at the back.
Premiere party guests admiring and reaching out for Splatter's food spread

That night, we assembled individually-portioned artisan cheese boats for a socially-distanced grazing experience for this private party 😉 To cater to different preferences, we served three different varieties of grazing boats: Savoury · Sweet · Mixed

Savoury Grazing Boats
Eco-friendly disposable boats were filled with mini brie and smoked gouda cheese paired with turkey rolls, beef pepperoni, seedless grapes, cherry tomato, black olives, pimento-stuffed green olives, water crackers, and roasted premium nuts.

Small grazing boats filled with cheeses, charcuterie, fruits, and crackers lined on a table.

Sweet Grazing Boats
Petite portions of mini brie and classic gouda cheese were complemented with fresh figs, seedless grapes, imported strawberries, blueberries, water crackers, and roasted premium nuts. In standard Splatter practice, fresh fruits were triple-washed before serving for them to be safely consumed immediately. 

Grazing boats filled with cheeses, charcuterie, fruits, crackers lined on a table

Mixed Grazing Boats

For those who simply crave for a little bit of everything, the mixed grazing boats offered mini brie and cubed butterkäse (butter cheese) with seedless grapes, imported strawberries, turkey rolls, black olives, water crackers, and roasted premium nuts.

It wasn’t just these grazing boats that was served at this premiere party of Dr Jason Leong's Hashtag Blessed attended by local personalities, members of the media, and public figures. Heavier bites included petite chicken burgers, assorted croissant sandwiches, vegetable sticks in cups, fresh fruit boards as well as hearty chicken meatballs, chickpea falafels, and bolani flatbread handmade by the talented refugee chefs from PichaEats 🤤🤤 YUM!

Table spread of petite chicken burgers stacked on wooden board, with a side of small clear cups filled with vegetable sticks
Happy party guests in the midst of enjoying food from Splatter's grazing table spread

We are so grateful for the many, many kind compliments received and nothing made us happier than seeing the evident joy as guests tuck into the delectables! Practicing our usual zero-wastage policy, we made sure to pack any leftovers into reusable containers for guests to bring home to their families at the end of that memorable night.

Thank you so much for having Splatter on this significant day for the stand-up comedy scene here in Malaysia! ❤️ Looking for a gorgeous catering like this for an upcoming event? We serve Kuala Lumpur and its vicinity. Let's chat! Get in touch here