Cheese Platter Drink Pairings [Alcohol-Free]

If you're planning a little party of your own with our platters, you might want to know exactly what drinks pair well with cheese grazing platters. We spill the tea here. While cheeses are commonly known to be complemented by wine, we'd love to expand our possibilities further into the non-alcoholic realm. After all, not everyone can drink but we know many people can enjoy cheeses! You'd be surprised to know how many options this list offers. Let's dive in! 

 1. Sparkling soda
Rather than Coke or Pepsi, we're referring to the less intense varieties like juice-infused sparkling drinks. The bubbles from sparkling drinks refresh palates and cut through the fat of cheeses and meats. Look out for San Pellegrino's great selection or #supportlocal with The Tapping Tapir's naturally flavoured sodas.

Alternatively, you can make your own at home by adding freshly squeezed lemon or pomegranate juice, or even wildflower syrup to club soda with a few mint leaves and ice. The trick is to make sure it's only subtly sweet.

2. Tea
Surprise, surprise. Didn't you see this coming? The key element that makes tea work with cheeses is tannin – which is also, not surprisingly, present in grapes and wine. Beverages rich in tannin holds a tart, refreshingly astringent flavour to complement cheeses. We'd suggest teas like oolong or pu'er; green if you prefer a lower tannin count for a clean contrast to sharp cheeses. 

Another great companion can be found at the supermarket's Korean food aisle. American Cheese Society-certified Cheese Professional Vanessa Chang suggests yuja-cha or yuzu tea, which is essentially hot water mixed with the fruit's concentrated marmalade syrup, to go with a fresh chèvre or aged goat cheese.

3. Kombucha
Not only does kombucha offer probiotic and gut health benefits, it can also be paired with cheeses! Double the fun, eh? 😉 This Culture Cheese article recommends fruity kombucha like apple with cheddar, botanical kombucha like mint with chèvre, and spicy kombucha like sweet ginger with blue cheese. Explore our favourite fermented tea artisan Wild Kombucha's range of delicious flavours. Blueberry Acai is a hit with our team! 


4. Fruit juices
A party staple easily enjoyed by guests of all ages. Go with classic fruits like apples. The crisp flavours beautifully complements creamy, decadent soft cheeses. Grape and pear juices work too with their clean, sweet flavours. If boxed juices are overpoweringly sweet, simply tone it down with a dash of club soda and ice. 

5. Chocolate drink
Shocking, we know. But is it really? Cheese and chocolate have always been such a cheeky, yet deliciously indulgent combination. The contrast of piquant and sweet flavours just works. Try it with blue cheese, we dare you to.

And there you have it – a variety of non-alcoholic beverages that might just make your cheese platter experience even more exciting. Let us know which is your favourite once you've tried them!