Family Platters: Artisan Cheese Selections 🧀

Splatter's brand-new Family Platter collection offers two cheese platters: Cheese & Meat for the savoury hunters and Cheese & Fruit for those with a sweet tooth. For the first time ever, you get to select two out of six selections of premium artisan cheeses to complete your order of Family Platters that serves 4-6 pax. Remember, these cheese platters are available on weekends only with hourly pick up or delivery slots every Friday to Sunday 😉

Now, let's get to know the cheese selections! 

🧀 Chaource-style Opal

This soft cow's milk cheese originates from the village of Chaource, France. It has a soft velvety rind with a toothsome gooey texture and slightly crumbly center. Its earthy aroma leads to a smooth, creamy flavour. If you enjoy camembert with a tad stronger kick, you'd probably love this!

🧀 Ambert-style Blue
Originating from France, this semi-hard cow's milk cheese with distinctive blue veins has a fruity, woody aroma. Its creamy, dense yet supple texture is delicious with its savoury smooth, tangy, and sometimes sharp flavours. Don't be afraid to try out blue cheeses! 

🧀 Classic Gouda
This semi-hard cow's milk cheese of Dutch origins has a delightfully springy, and elastic texture. Its mild milky aroma lays the path to a creamy and almost sweet flavour. Great on its own or melted in sandwiches, pizza, and more.


🧀 Smoked Gouda
The flavour profile of this classic cow's milk cheese is taken up to a whole new level when smoked with fruit wood. The deliciously smokey, sausage-like aroma and taste is potentially addictive. Pairs beautifully with savoury sides! 

🧀 Sarawak
This semi-hard cow's milk cheese is an umami bomb. An original creation that you may have seen in luxury hotels and fine restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, this savoury cheese is coated with Sarawak black peppers that gives it a distinctive kick. Goat's milk version available upon request. 

🧀 Chèvre
This soft goat’s milk cheese is freshly made in its traditional French style. It has an almost crumbly texture with irresistibly earthy and lemony tart flavours. It's mild, tangy taste makes it a versatile pairing for both sweet and savoury accompaniments. 

We curated this selection from Milky Whey Cheese, a local artisan dedicated to the craft of hand-making cheese varieties from all around the world to produce the most authentic results. No preservatives, no additives, no unnecessary processes. This is as real as it gets! Regular patrons of luxury hotels, fine restaurants, and highly-acclaimed bakeries around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia may be familiar with their array of cheeses ❤️ Now, complete your weekend with a cheese platter!