Fresh Fruit Platter: Hantaran Buah-Buahan

To the uninitiated, hantaran is a customary set of gifts exchanged between the groom and the bride during the solemnisation (aked) process in the Malay matrimonial ceremony. Similar to wedding dowries, it is seen as an expression of gratitude, willingness, and appreciation to their partner while fostering good relations between both families. The exact items gifted are often left to their individual preferences - and budget - though there are traditional must-have items like daun sirih, bunga rampai, and the likes. These gifts are often exquisitely decorated and arranged on beautiful set of matching trays.

Recently, we had the honour of fulfilling a boxful of fresh fruits beautifully arranged into an elegant glass box to be displayed for a customer's dulang hantaran on her special day. Can you believe there are ten types of fruits fitted into this glass box?

Splatter Fruit Platter Hantaran Buah-Buahan KL Malaysia

A modern recreation of the classic fruit basket! While whole uncut fruits certainly add bulk to the presentation, we'd like to believe that fresh fruits creatively cut and carefully assembled lend a more enticing yet refined effect. This medley of premium imported fruits with vibrant local selections bring a burst of lively colours to brighten any occasion!

While we currently do not offer such pretty glass boxes for this purpose (definitely working on it!), you're most welcome to drop off your own boxes, trays, or containers for the Splatter team to assemble our bestseller Signature Fruit Platter into with no extra charges. Any additional fruit portions that won't fit will be packed for you in a separate box too, because it's only fair to do so 😉Want to chat further? Send us an email via Contact or whatsapp directly here!