[Limited] Father's Day Mini Cheese Platters


Specially for Father's Day weekend, we're bringing back these mini cheese platters with heartfelt gratitude to the overwhelming response last time. Once again, let us deliver the celebration to your home 💖 For a limited time only, Splatter offers mini grazing platters filled with cheese, fresh fruits, nuts, and crackers - the perfect portion for a small family.


This particular box is the bomb for dads who love a hot and spicy kick! The star firecracker is an artisan chilli padi gouda, a semi-firm cow's milk cheese that balances its creamy sweetness with a spicy kick from bird's eye chili infused all throughout 🌶️ Take it up a notch and pair it with sweet chilli relish or perhaps a chunk of chilli chocolate?

What's in the mini platter?

  • Artisan chilli padi gouda cheese
  • Chilli dark chocolate bar
  • Gourmet sweet chilli relish
  • Premium seedless grapes
  • Roasted almonds & walnuts
  • Dried apricots
  • Three types of crackers

Who's up for a spicy gourmet adventure? Challenge your dad to a duel to see who reaches out for a glass of water first! Just kidding, surely it's not THAT spicy. At least to some. Full disclaimer, our team is half-half on just exactly how spicy this box can be! Some say very, some say not so. One way to find out, am I right? 😉 Details and order page here


With this classic signature platter, we're recommending a personal favourite of ours - a beautiful wheel of artisan soft cheese called chaource. Handmade in small batches, this cow's milk cheese has a soft velvety rind with a deliciously gooey texture and slightly crumbly center. Its earthy aroma leads to an addictive smooth, creamy flavour. If you enjoy good brie and camembert, you'd love this! We love it so much it's a staple cheese in our party platter menu.

What's in the mini platter?

  • Artisan soft chaource cheese
  • Premium seedless grapes
  • Imported strawberries
  • Imported blueberries
  • French raspberry fruit spread
  • Roasted almonds & walnuts
  • Two types of crackers
  • Handmade artisan chocolate bonbons
    1) Dark smoked chocolate 2) Classic dark with milk chocolate ganache 

An irresistible combination of smooth creaminess, fresh juiciness, and indulgent sweetness, right? This box also serves as the perfect beginner's platter to introduce the joy of grazing on gourmet cheeses to your family 🧀 

Request for Fruits Only

Prefer to enjoy this without any cheese? Not the first time we're hearing this 😉 No worries! We're happy to swap out cheese and crackers with more fruits with an additional variety or two depending on what's available. Details and order page here.