Merdeka | Nasi Lemak Flag of Malaysia 🌺

As we were thinking to celebrate Hari Merdeka aka National Day in the only way we know how - platters, of course - it dawned on us that using cheeses and fruits weren't the most representative ingredients of Malaysia. So we ask ourselves, what's our favourite Malaysian food? Nasi lemak, of course! Whether you enjoy it in the morning, day, or night, nasi lemak never disappointments. It tastes different wherever you get it from, yet its core essence remains the same - just like the multicultural citizens of this nation who are united as Malaysians. So, nasi lemak flag it is! 

Malaysian Flag Made With Nasi Lemak
With special guest appearances by nasi kerabu, nasi kunyit, and nasi impit 😉

The red stripes were made with an assortment of staple nasi lemak accompaniments like sambal tumis (sautéed), sambal sotong (cuttlefish), sambal kerang (cockles), sambal petai (stink bean) as well as fresh chilli padi, crunchy groundnuts, fried ikan bilis (anchovies), and spiced chicken pieces. The savoury platter was further paired with kuih muih, fish crackers, and ayam masak merah (red chicken, not pictured) on the sides to complete this hearty meal that's the ultimate Malaysian comfort food! 

Not only was the nasi lemak flag of Malaysia oh-so-pretty to look at, it tasted amazing too! We made sure to get only the best stuff from our friendly neighbourhood gerai mak ciks and pak ciks, the true masterchefs of our beloved Malaysia.

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