[NEW] Christmas Grazing Bread Loaf 🍞

This Christmas, Splatter is bringing back the Christmas Grazing Bread Loaf, a cheese & charcuterie grazing platter loaded into a whole bread loaf! It was a bestselling hit when we introduced it for a limited period last year. Now by popular demand, the Christmas Grazing Bread Loaf is back in town to fulfill your gourmet gifting and grazing needs for Christmas 2022 🎁

🍞 Christmas Grazing Bread Loaf

Devour it like a (really fun!) deconstructed sandwich that you could mix and match its ingredients as you like 😉

The bread center cutout will be repacked in a bag. Dip it in the tomato herb marinade, top with duck prosciutto, nibble with cheeses, - the possibilities are endless! #zerowaste

At only RM250 which includes a festive reusable cloth wrap, this Christmas Grazing Bread Loaf is sure to give you amazing value! Click here for more details. Don't forget to pair it with a refreshing thirst quencher like Wild Kombucha's Mulled Berries sparkling probiotic drink! Merry Christmas 🎅