Splatter's Chinese New Year Gift Sets 🍊

Celebrating Chinese New Year in the coming weeks will certainly be different in such unprecedented times (we know, you've heard this a hundred times). The fact of the matter is, things are uncertain. Should we decorate our homes? Do we shop for new clothes? Can we visit friends & family members? Will we get to reunite with our families for dinner? These are questions that none of us have the answer to.

That said, we're optimistic that we can all make the most out of the situation and enjoy as much of its traditions possible in a safe manner, with loved ones in our thoughts! With that in mind, this simple variety gift box was specially curated to include our favourite treats - both traditional & modern - for your gifting needs this Lunar New Year.

ć…«ćźç›’ 8 Treasure Variety Box

  • Premium Pineapple Tarts
    Buttery, crumbly pastry made with pure French butter & kampung eggs, filled with delicious homemade pineapple jam.

  • Dragon Beard Cookies
    Traditional butter cookies made in delicate little dragon beard shapes that'll melt simply in your mouth.

  • Chicken Floss Egg Rolls
    Crunchy rolls filled with chicken floss; this savoury treat is airy, light, and will definitely be polished off before you know it.

  • Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies
    The perfect balance of sweetness from coconut sugar with a touch of savoury rolled into one chewy, ridiculously-addictive bite. You won't know it's made with zero eggs, dairy & refined sugar.

  • Mandarin Chestnut Bites
    Don't these look like itsy bitsy mandarin oranges? These handmade gourmet sweets feature an exquisite chestnut paste wrapped in mandarin marzipan.

  • Goji Berry Florentines
    A healthier version of the crunchy, nutty biscuits with an Asian infusion with the addition of goji berries & sesame seeds.  

  • Freeze-dried Strawberries
    Healthy, delicious, and made only from flavourful, ripe strawberries. It's amazing that each fruit still retains most of its vitamins and essential nutrients!
  • Pistachio Nuts
    One of the healthiest - and yummiest! - nuts, pistachios are also known as "happy nuts" that symbolises joy, prosperity, and good fortune in Chinese traditions.

  • Fresh Mandarin Oranges
    Gold. That's exactly what these juicy mandarin oranges symbolises! Can't go wrong with gifting these well wishes of riches and prosperity. 

Baked goods listed above are lovingly handmade with no artificial colourings and zero preservatives. We recommend to consume immediately or store in airtight containers for up to 3 days for best experience.

Prosperity Cheese Platter

Here at Splatter, we also love grazing on delectable cheese platters all year round! The upcoming Lunar New Year celebration is no exception and we're excited to release this petite platter for intimate grazing sessions with friends or family at home. It's perfect as gourmet gifts to loved ones far away too!

An artisanal cheese of your choice is complemented with classic pairings as well as traditional Chinese flavours like ginger, goji berries, ginseng, and mandarin oranges. What's in the platter?

  • Choice of artisanal cheese:

    🧀 Classic Gouda
    This semi-hard cow's milk cheese of Dutch origins has a delightfully springy, and elastic texture. Its mild milky aroma lays the path to a creamy and almost sweet flavour. 

    🧀 ButterkĂ€se
    Popular in Germany & Austria, this creamy semi-hard cow's milk cheese is smooth and deliciously buttery with a delicate flavour that'll have you reaching for more. Trust us, it's as tasty as it sounds. 

    🧀 Chùvre
    This soft goat’s milk cheese is freshly made in its classic French style. It has a crumbly texture with irresistibly earthy & lemony tart flavours. It's mild, tangy taste makes it a versatile pairing for any accompaniments!

  • Premium Fresh Fruits
    Seedless grapes, imported strawberries & mini mandarin oranges. Triple-washed for immediate consumption.

  • Candied Ginger Bites
    Sharp, crystallised ginger bits with a touch of sweetness to offset the savoury richness of cheeses. A fun, unexpected pairing to discover this festive new year.

  • Gourmet Goji Ginseng Chocolate 
    Made in small batches by one of the finest chocolatiers in town, these chocolate bonbons are infused with the exquisite flavours of goji berries & ginseng. 

  • Cheese Platter Staples
    Roasted premium nuts, mini French raspberry jam jar, and water crackers.

*This platter serves approximately 2-4 pax. Consume immediately upon collection or store in refrigerator for up to 2 hours.

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