Now Hiring: Part-time Kitchen Helper

In the past two years since its launch, Splatter has always been managed by just the two co-founders.

This includes procuring fresh ingredients, washing tens of kilos of produce, preparing for orders, arranging deliveries, assembling platters just before each one gets sent out, customising corporate orders, experimenting new menu ideas, maintaining online store, responding to enquiries, photographing products & many more on a daily basis. We were also delivering orders all on our own until making the move to a third-party delivery partner just recently!

Splatter Now Hiring Job Vacancy Kuala Lumpur KL

Now, we're ready for an extra pair of hands to help us out in daily operations!

Splatter is looking for a part-time kitchen helper to assist with:

  • Packaging preparation
    Assembling boxes, cutting ribbons, tagging ribbons, repacking dry crackers, tidying work spaces, and such
  • Food preparation
    Washing produce, cutting fresh fruits, preparing cheeses, filling up sauce jars, cleaning kitchen utensils, and such

The work is simple, easy to learn, and requires no specific skills. However, we do hope to work with candidates who are:

  • Fully vaccinated
  • Have own transport
  • Speaks English / Malay
  • Experience in handling food**
  • Punctual, responsible & reliable
  • Willing to learn & adapt to situations
  • Have gotten / willing to get typhoid vaccination
    (Mandatory for food handlers under Malaysian laws)

**Not entirely necessary. If you are familiar with kitchen work (even at home!), please do not hesitate to apply.

Location: Tropicana, Petaling Jaya
One meal will be provided if you work more than 6 hours. 

This vacancy is for helpers to assist mostly on Friday, Saturday, Sunday (up to 8 hours a day) with the possibility of certain weekdays too should circumstances require it. Ideally we'd like a long-term employment on this part-time basis.

Interested to join our little team? Kindly email us your resume or details of any relevant work experiences to splattermenow[at]gmail[dot]com or contact us here.