Splatter's Grazing Table: Vegan Station

"...one of the most passionate and genuine people that I had ever work with. They are attentive to your needs. The grazing table they set are like edible art masterpiece. Their food is as good as they look!"  Raving review by our dear client, Jolin

We recently had the pleasure of preparing Splatter's grazing table for the sweetest bride on her wedding dinner's cocktail session. This was held in Penang - yes, we do setup in locations outside of Klang Valley! Additional charges apply.

When she told us there'd be vegan guests at the wedding, it was important for us to ensure that those with special dietary preferences didn’t feel left out. We spent weeks sourcing the best vegan options that even non-vegans would be able to enjoy. Serious hard work there testing all the treats 😉 

We managed to shortlist a few items we love and crafted this vegan station as part of a specially customised grazing table! 

This vegan station includes:

  • Vegan smoky cheddar cheese ball
    Made with a cashew base, this "cheese" is creamy and full of flavour. It's coated with sunflower seeds which adds a textural contrast!
  • Vegan "pepperoni"
  • Organic rosemary cookies
  • Freshly-based sourdough bread
  • Fresh vegetable crudités platter
  • Assorted vegan delectable dips
    - Organic hummus
    - Basil, spinach, and cashew
    - Kale, rocket, and white beans
    - Pumpkin, herbs, and seeds
  • Mini pretzel crackers
  • Premium fruit spreads
  • Plenty of juicy, fresh fruits! 🍒🥝🍇💦
Nothing beats that feeling we get when we see an entire spread cleared out within the hour. It's a good feeling 💘 Get in touch here if you'd like to have a grazing table personalised to your preferences or dietary needs. TTYL!