Splatter | Why We Love Artisan Cheeses 🧀

Splatter takes pride in the food we serve in our collection of grazing platters and go great lengths to ensure only the best gourmet picks reaches you. From freshly baked artisan baguettes by the most highly rated German bakery in town to the tastiest little Japanese cherry tomatoes that's only sold in one store to delicious artisan cheeses handmade in small batches, we are committed to only present you ingredients that we personally love.

Today, let's dive into why we love artisan cheeses and why we choose to serve them despite the many challenges. It's simple. Artisan cheeses offer an unbeatable gourmet grazing experience with its variety of distinctive, sublime texture & complex flavours. There is far more character in cheeses handmade in small batches. Tastier too, in our humble opinion!

 As our favourite cheesemaker Milky Whey Cheese puts it, cheeses are living breathing creatures that have a life of its own. The flavours will continue to evolve in time. This means the same wheel of cheese can taste different a week or two later 😉 As cheeses mature, the flavours deepen into richer, more intense notes.

On the other side of the spectrum, fresh cheeses like mozzarella and chÚvre are made with the freshest milk for each order - which is why we require orders to be confirmed at least 5 days in advance to give ample time for milk to be procured and cheeses to be made ready. After all, we do appreciate things better when we know an artisan has spent their personal time, effort, and love into perfecting the craft of producing it for the enjoyment of others. Don't you?

With artisan cheeses, there are no unnecessary additives nor preservatives added to stabilise and prolong the shelf life of these cheeses - which can't be said about mass-produced cheeses you find in regular supermarket aisles. This means artisan cheeses cannot be kept for too long and thus poses a cost, wastage, and stock-keeping challenge for small start-ups like Splatter.

But we are absolutely determined to share the love of artisan cheeses with you, partly because we can never go back to carbon-copy industrial cheeses after discovering these life-changing handmade cheeses 😉 Its gorgeously imperfect, rustic look is also a draw for us. Enjoy these - and more! - in Splatter's collection of artisan cheese platters!