Signature Cheese Platter
Signature Cheese Platter
Signature Cheese Platter
Signature Cheese Platter

Signature Cheese Platter

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Netflix & cheese! Need we say more?

Tuck into our selection of our favorite artisanal cheeses, complemented by a delectable assortment of the finest nuts, fruits, crackers, meats, and spreads.

Let's talk cheese.

First up, there's the deliciously savoury cheese coated with Sarawak black peppers that gives it a distinctive kick – a crowd favorite among cheese lovers, for sure. Drop us a note during checkout if you'd like to have the goat's milk version of this umami bomb!

If you prefer a slightly milder cheese, cut a wedge off that soft, luxuriously creamy wheel of Chaource-style Opal. It has a velvety rind with a toothsome gooey texture and slightly crumbly center. Simply delightful on its own or when paired with any accompanying sides. (Temporarily out of stock. We recommend an almost-tangy, mild goat's milk cheese called chèvre as a delicious soft cheese alternative!)

Feeling blue? You'll enjoy this luscious cut of smooth blue cheese done in the Fourme d'Ambert style originating from the mountains of Southern France.

Lastly, take a gourmet journey to Italy and pop a few bites of herb-marinated bite-sized mozzarella balls, also familiarly known as bocconcini. It's divine paired with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil on caprese-inspired skewers! 

All cheeses served are made from fresh cow's milk.

What's in this platter? 

  • Assorted cheeses as described
  • Gourmet smoked salmon
  • Turkey rolls & beef pepperoni
  • Fresh seedless grapes
  • Fresh imported strawberries
  • Roasted almonds & walnuts
  • Olives, baguette & assorted crackers
  • Mini jars of raspberry jam & honey

*This platter serves approximately 6-8 pax. Consume immediately upon collection or store in refrigerator for up to 2 hours.