Artisan Cheeses: Newly Curated Selections ūüßÄ

If you've ordered a cheese platter from us since our establishment in 2019 up until a few weeks ago, you might have noticed that our cheese selections have now gotten a revamp. Since Splatter was established, we've championed artisanal cheeses handmade locally in small batches by the widely recognised Milky Whey Cheese, who works tireless to also supply excellent cheeses to luxury hotels, fine restaurants, and acclaimed bakeries throughout Klang Valley.

As you might know, cheese-making is a craft that is extremely tedious and time-consuming. Many months of hard work could literally go down the drain when end results don't meet expectations due to the slightest anomaly in raw materials, process, or environment. Logistic challenges presented by multiple lockdowns throughout this country's battle with the pandemic didn't help either. Unfortunately, this has taken a toll on our dear cheesemaker. It is now with a heavy heart that we announce a temporary halt of supply of these wonderful artisanal cheeses while she takes a well-deserved break to focus on her health.

During this indefinite hiatus, we've tasted - and still continuously tasting! #dreamjob - an extensive variety of cheeses to curate the best selections for you without compromising on the quality and experience that we're known for.

What you currently see on our cheese platter collection reflects the favourite few that we personally enjoy! 

Splatter is founded by two individuals - one who loves strong, intense cheeses and another who prefers lighter, mild cheeses. This is how we are able to curate a balanced collection of artisanal cheeses that caters to a wide spectrum of preferences. Of course, as we continue to explore more cheeses, we'll make sure to introduce the truly delectable ones into our line-up!

Where do we get the new selection of cheeses from?

Simple. We went back to the source - which is its country of origins!

For your all-time favourite Brie and Cream Cheese, we get it imported from France. For Gouda, from Netherlands. For Bocconcini, from Italy. For Stilton Blue, from England. For Truffle-infused Manchego, from Spain. We identify artisan dairies that have produced authentic, award-winning cheeses for generations and select the tastiest ones to serve you.

We also look into their values and traditions as a criteria of consideration - with some ensuring pesticide-free pastures for their local cows to graze on, some making cheeses in the traditional way as they did in the old days, and some awarded Europe's coveted of Protected Designation Of Origin (PDO) status recognition. On that note, please be informed that imported cheeses are not usually halal-certified. We make sure these are not processed with pork lard or alcohol, but regrettably it is not possible to verify the halal status of animal-derived ingredients used. 

All in all, we hope you enjoy the current medley of cheeses that we've thoughtfully curated with your enjoyment in mind. Thank you for being patient with us as we dealt with hiccups in regards to cheese supplies over the last few weeks. Happy grazing!