Splatter's Signature Cheese Platter 101

Grazing on an indulgent gourmet cheese platter for the first time?

It can be intimidating, we know. Let us walk you through the experience and also suggest pairings that might pleasantly surprise you. Discovering new textures, tastes, and combinations can be fun!

Splatter's Signature Cheese Platter features 4 types of artisan cheeses handmade in small batches, specially curated for YOU ❤️ Each carefully-selected cheese has its own distinctive character which go exceptionally well with one another. Regular patrons of luxury hotels, fine restaurants, and highly-acclaimed bakeries around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia may be familiar with these handmade cheeses from our favourite fromagerie.

First of the lot is a mild cow's milk cheese familiarly known as bocconcini; fresh mozzarella balls specially marinated in aromatic herbs and extra virgin olive oil. These soft, creamy cheese balls are served in skewers paired with fresh basil and cherry tomatoes as a convenient mini caprese salad. We only use premium vine-ripened cherry tomatoes for better flavour.

Secondly, there's the deliciously savoury Sarawak - a semi-soft cow's milk cheese coated with - surprise, surprise - Sarawak black peppers that gives it a distinctive kick. A total umami bomb that seems to be a crowd-pleaser! A favourite to pair with deli meat on a slice of the freshly-baked artisan baguette. 

There is also the wheel of soft, creamy Chaource-style Opal. Possibly the most in-demand cheese we have! This cow's milk cheese originates from its namesake village in France. It has a velvety rind that reveals a toothsome gooey texture with slightly crumbly center. Its earthy aroma leads to a smooth, creamy flavour. If you enjoy camembert with a tad stronger kick, you'd love this!

Last but not least – blue cheese. How can a cheese platter be complete without a bit of blue? 😉 Revel in a luscious cut of smooth blue cheese done in the French Fourme d'Ambert style. This cow's milk cheese with distinctive blue veins has a fruity, woody aroma. Its creamy, dense yet supple texture is delicious with its savoury smooth, tangy, and sometimes sharp flavour  

If you're new to all of this, we'd suggest to first taste the cheeses on its own to get to know them. Work your way up from the milder ones. If you appreciate them as is, that's fantastic. If not, let's get started on some exciting pairings to explore!

The rest is for you to discover. Let us know which  flavour combination you enjoy the most, or more excitingly, show us the most inventive pairing you've experimented with via Instagram with the hashtag #splattermenow.

Remember, there's no right or wrong!