Corporate Gift Boxes: 7 Reasons Why You Need Grazing Boxes!

Choosing the right corporate gift boxes can be difficult.

There is so much to consider, am I right? At this time and age, corporate gift boxes have to stand out. Be it for the internal teams, business partners, or PR gifting, getting it perfect isn't impossible. Here at Splatter, we've worked on successful corporate gift box projects with brands like MILO Malaysia, Netflix Malaysia, Twitter Malaysia, PwC Malaysia, Benz & Carlton, Lifestyle Asia, Procter & Gamble Malaysia, Breitling Malaysia, Fresh Beauty Malaysia, and more.

Here are the secrets to why grazing platters make the best corporate gift boxes! 

Corporate Gift Boxes

1. Everyone Loves Food

There are more than enough lanyards, branded mugs, pens, and other such premiums to go around. While those may be practical, is there any other gift that is more practical and memorable than an excellent food experience? Especially when you're gifting locally, as Malaysians are united by our love for food. Even clients that have requested corporate gift box deliveries to other ASEAN countries gave feedback that their counterparts enjoyed them thoroughly. 

Corporate Gift Boxes KL

2. Killer Presentation

When you want gift boxes to impress, go for grazing platters.

The vibrant assortment of gourmet food curated to your corporate preferences and theme will be sure to attract attention. Whether you go for a rustic look, a picnic aesthetic, or even a monochromatic colour scheme, your guests will love it. We hear some even feel reluctant to devour their boxes for fear of "destroying" the perfect presentation ūüėā With great-looking corporate gift boxes,¬†the chances of recipients snapping and sharing photos of the beautiful platters will certainly increase!¬†

Corporate Gift Boxes KL Malaysia

3. Gift Content Versatility

The beauty of grazing platters is its wide variety of delicious nibbles and gourmet treats. Bespoke corporate grazing boxes can be tailored with menus that align to your corporate branding, colour scheme, and even cater to different tastes and dietary preferences. From imported gourmet cheeses and halal charcuterie to premium fresh fruits, roasted nuts, artisanal beverages, and even hand-drawn designer cookies, there's something for everyone in these edible corporate gift boxes.

Vegan, halal, plant-based, and nutritionally-balanced menus can be customised to your needs. 

Corporate Gift Boxes KL Malaysia

4. Shareable Grazing Experience

Splatter was founded for the love of sharing and connecting with those around us through food.

Grazing platters are curated and carefully crafted to promote¬†sharing (if you want to, that is¬†ūüėČ), and a sense of camaraderie and collaboration. This is especially appreciated among team members or media partners during corporate gatherings, meetings, or presentations. This casual, shareable approach to gifting puts recipients¬†in a relaxed¬†mood, which leads to positive brand perception.¬†Now that is exactly why grazing platters make incredible corporate gift boxes.¬†

Corporate Gift Boxes KL Malaysia

5. Brand-Customisable

Not only can the gourmet food be versatile to your liking, but even the grazing platter box packaging can be personalised to reinforce your corporate identity. Insert your logo and brand elements into the message cards, choose your preferred box and ribbon colour, or even get packaging custom-made to exactly what your brand needs.

What you get is a one-of-a-kind corporate gift that makes sense and represents your brand in the best way possible. 

6. Thoughtful Gesture

Food plays an important role in many festive celebrations here in Malaysia, made merrier by traditional fare enjoyed during that particular occasion. Corporate gift-giving is about expressing gratitude and appreciation; as well as sending a message. Grazing platters filled with customary food or trinkets curated for occasions like Mid-Autumn Festival, Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year, or Deepavali serve as thoughtful gestures to your corporate partners.

It shows how your organization has put thought into selecting a gift that is relevant, thoughtful, and considerate of cultures. Wouldn't you like that associated with your business? 

Corporate Gift Boxes Kuala Lumpur

6. Great For Group Settings

Grazing platter boxes come in all shapes and sizes - serving individual, small-group, or large-party portions.

If you're looking for corporate gift boxes to reward or thank a team, department, office, key stakeholders, or participants in virtual conferences, grazing platters are absolutely perfect. It's a convenient - and delectable - solution to gift groups with minimal effort¬†and maximum wow factor ūü§©

7. Unforgettable Gifting

If you've received a grazing platter as a gift before, you'd know what a special experience it is and the joy that comes with the delicious gift box. Evoke these warm sentiments with grazing corporate gift boxes that stand out and offer an unforgettable experience. These are likely to be appreciated and remembered long after the occasion, distinguishing your organization from others. Now there's the competitive advantage that you've been looking for.  

Corporate Gift Boxes

Are you convinced yet that grazing platters make an excellent choice for corporate gift boxes in Malaysia? The delightful assortment of gourmet flavours and textures creates a positive, extraordinary experience for the recipients. What's not to love? Learn more about Splatter's corporate gifting here and get in touch in you're interested to chat further!