Falling For IDF Cheeses

If you've been grazing with Splatter since our launch in 2019, you've seen the growth and evolution of our cheese varieties. We recently introduced a handful of new soft cheeses to our collection, which has received amazing responses. 

Today, let's dive into what these cheeses are and why we love 'em!

French Camembert

French Camembert is a soft cow's milk cheese with a delicate white rind and bold milky notes with slight acidity.

Known to be France's favourite, this popular cheese offers more character than its cousin Brie. It offers earthy flavours with hints of mushroom aroma and a mild intensity that makes it an easy crowd-pleaser. Perfectly paired with a crusty freshly-baked baguette, charcuterie, and cherry tomatoes - like those in the top-selling Cheese & Meat Platter

French Brie

French Brie is another authentic soft cow's milk cheese that's synonymous with France.

This mild cheese is well-loved for its delightfully light, milky, creamy taste with a hint of mushrooms. If you're not too acquainted with gourmet cheeses, this is a great starter choice to dive into the delectable world of fromage.

It's hard to find someone who doesn't enjoy a classic French Brie. Enjoy it on juicy seedless grapes and salted mini pretzels like those found in the bestselling Mini Cheese Platter. Bon appétit!

Mini Brie

Bite-sized wholesome snacking for both adults and children has never been easier with these cute mini Brie cheeses! Think milky, butter flavours with a slightly nutty aftertaste - so mild, so easy to eat. Perfect for parties.

We love it paired with savoury turkey deli meats and olives. For those with a sweet tooth, fresh strawberries also make a great pairing choice. Get a taste of these irresistible mini Brie cheeses in Splatter's Grazing Cup Party Box and Grazing Tables

Brie Au Bleu

With its subtle blue hint, this French cow's milk cheese is the irresistible combination of Brie's delicate softness with the creamy character of blue cheese. If blue cheese sounds intimidating, fret not, as Brie Au Bleu is mild enough to be enjoyed on its own.

Take it to the next level by tasting it with fresh berries and crunchy roasted nuts - the popular Cheese & Fruit Platter's got just the fruity fresh pairings you need. Perhaps with a glass of white wine too? You'll fall head over heels in love! 

Photographs courtesy of Ile De France

Splatter is proud to partner with Ile De France Malaysia to bring you this collection of French cheeses made in the Grand Est region of France. Be sure to give it a try if soft-ripened cheeses are right up your alley!

We serve these delectable cheeses above in Splatter's cheese grazing platters - delivering daily throughout Kuala Lumpur & Selangor (Klang Valley). Order online now to have these delivered to your doorstep to complete any party and gatherings.