[New] Add On Wine & Kombucha Pairings

Since we first introduced drink pairings in last year's Christmas Collection, the demand for add-on beverages for gifting & grazing continues until today.

Now, it is with great pleasure that we release this curated selection of award-winning wines and artisanal kombucha to pair with any order! Let's look at what's on Splatter's drink menu:

ūüćĻWild Kombucha

Kombuchas are cold, fizzy probiotic drinks produced by the fermentation of tea, sugar and water. Wild Kombucha crafts fresh and fruity sparkling probiotic drinks in small batches, right here in Malaysia! 

Kombucha offers multiple health benefits starting with good gut health, which is central to boosting your immunity, mood, metabolism, and even energy. 

We love Wild Kombucha because they make kombuchas locally with all-natural, real ingredients. It's low in sugar with a variety of delicious flavors to suit any preference. We've got fruity, we've got citrusy, we've got floral. There's sure to be a booch flavour you'll love! 

Best of all, it's an alcohol-free drink pairing to go with cheeses! Tap here to shop Wild KombuchaūüĎą¬†health elixirs at Splatter.

ūüć∑Italian Red Wines

Just like bread and butter, red wine and cheese are classic pairings that never go out of style! These delicious DOCG red wines procured from Italy are highly rated, both by beginners and connoisseurs.

DOCG stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita - a classification awarded to the best of Italian wines.

These wines are produced with the strictest winemaking, taste and quality standards. Did you know that there are¬†only¬†74 DOCG wines in Italy?¬†Learn more about these red wines and¬†their cheese pairings here ūüĎą¬†at Splatter.


Team Splatter has also curated this fine selection of French and Italian white wines, offering a good variety that will suit any preference - and budget!

Explore lively Pinot Bianco, deliciously fruity Chablis, summery fresh Roero Arneis & full-bodied Cotes du Rhone wines. Pick any bottle to make a memorable gifting or cheese-pairing experience.

Hop on here¬†to shop and learn¬†more¬†ūüĎą¬†about the grape origins, aroma, tasting profile and the best cheese pairing for each variety! Call us biased but we recommended getting¬†this bottle of wine with¬†Splatter's grazing plattersūüėČ

ūüćĺSparkling Wines

Did you know that sparkling wines can only be called Champagne if it's produced in the Champagne region of northern France? That means sparkling wines from other regions must be named differently - like Italy's prosecco and Spain's cava.

Looking for the perfect glass of bubbles to celebrate a special occasion?¬†ūü•ā

The iconic French Champagne house Möet & Chandon has teamed up with Australia to produce award-winning sparkling wines under the brand Chandon.

These elegant sparkling wines¬†combine French winemaking heritage with the cool climate and rich grape-growing soil of Australia's wine county. Splatter offers you both¬†Chandon Brut &¬†Chandon Ros√© hereūüĎą

We hope this wide collection of beverages brings joy to your tastebuds!

Shop on its own or pair it with delicious grazing platters. Splatter delivers daily throughout Kuala Lumpur & Selangor (Klang Valley) with the exception of Monday. Cheers!