Signature Fruit Platter
Signature Fruit Platter
Signature Fruit Platter
Signature Fruit Platter

Signature Fruit Platter

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Fruits. We've got plenty of them.

This platter is packed with seasonal fruits of local and premium imported varieties – double-washed, artfully cut, and ready to be consumed upon arrival. For maximum freshness, our expert fruit ninjas prepare the fruits just minutes before the box departs our doors to head straight to yours!

Our fruit platter is simply perfect for various events, celebrations, and occasions. Highly recommended as a healthy yet instaworthy alternative to gift hampers and cakes!

Birthday bash? Fruit platter.
Potluck get-together? Fruit platter. 
Baby shower? Fruit platter. 
House-warming party? Fruit platter.
Visiting a sick friend? Fruit platter. 

To sum it all up, fruit platter. 

What's in this platter?

  • 10 varieties of fresh fruits
    - Strawberries
    - Watermelon
    - Mango
    - Blueberries
    - Grapes
    - Kiwi
    - Passion fruit
    - Rock melon
    - Orange
    - Dragon fruit

  • Assorted nuts & mini pretzels

Actual product may differ from images displayed as out-of-season fruits may be replaced with seasonal ones of equal or higher value.

This platter serves approximately 6-8 pax. Consume immediately upon collection or store in refrigerator for up to 2 hours.